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I understand some people can be hypnotized, how do I know if I'm one of them?

Most people can be hypnotized,  if they allow themselves to be, because all hypnosis is self hypnosis.. However, not all are easily capable of deeper levels of trance.

Will I go to sleep or blurt out secrets?

Not at all. You are simply in a daydreamy state, not asleep, and you are more in charge than even when you're in a conscious state because your attention has a narrower focus of concentration.

What does hypnosis feel like?

Its different for every person, but mostly it feels like daydreaming and is a very enjoyable experience. For some people there's a tingling in the fingers or the hands feel heavy as they rest on a body they may not feel is even there. Or their breathing changes, eyelids flutter, or they feel lightness or heaviness in the limbs.

Could I get stuck in trance?

As reluctant as people are to come out of trance, there's no way one cannot leave it.

Imagination, What is it?

Think of the Eiffel Tower 
... a stop sign 
... the color blue.

Think of something good to see yourself  flying, riding an escalator, swimming. Now how did you do all those things? You didn't actually see those with your eyes...they weren't outside you or near you...obviously there's a world inside you...that you rarely think about.

There in the subconscious is imagination...

Just imagine an ICE CUBE

That represents our mind... about 10% of an ice cube is above the that the conscious mind...the largest part, the rest of our subconscious mind. And it is a fascinating part indeed! This is the part that has the programming that mostly runs our life..Hypnosis creates a doorway to allow you inside to tweak and rearrange the furniture in your mind modernize it.